The Decay Of Archetypes

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  1. Winter Is Your Enemy
  2. Nimbus
  3. Fire Sale
  4. Electric Love
  5. Stigmatized
  6. Flatline (See You On The Other Side)
  7. Suffocation
  8. Desert Aliens
  9. Kissing Lucifer

Dave Fabian – Vocals, Backing Vocals
Oliver Amberg – Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Becky Gaber – Lead Vocals on “Electric Love”, Backing Vocals
Max Saidi – Drums

Special Guest: Justin Norton – Blues Harp on “Kissing Lucifer”

Recorded at India Recording Studio, Switzerland
TheVoiceRecorder Studio, Switzerland
Germany and United Kingdom
Blues Harp recorded by Avinash Mittur in Oakland, California.

All songs written by Oliver Amberg
Produced and mixed by Oliver Amberg
Mastered by Claudio Cueni at Earth Tone Studios, CA

Photograph by Chavela Zink for
Kissing Lucifer Illustration by Bashar Ahmed for
Cover Artwork by Oliver Amberg

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